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What we offer?

Functionality, accessibility, social inclusion

with no Cost

We, e-Nable Greece, enable the people to discover their capabilities and their uniqueness. We design simple devices (accessories, assistive prosthetic devices, educational kits) for every need and every person who deals with body disability of upper limb or visual impairment. Our designs focus on social inclusion, increase of participation in social activities, enhancement of everyday life and improvement of education. These devices are constructed with 3D Printing technology and delivered to recipients at No Cost for them.


We train citizens and motivate them to take action.

We train individuals related with people with disabilities (their teachers, families, friends) and every person interested in the utilization of 3D Printing in order to contribute to the reduction of social exclusion of vulnerable groups. We certify anyone who wants to become a “Maker” of the devices we deliver. We ask from citizens to participate as volunteers in our actions. We turn people to Active Citizens.

Our Vision

Make our Vision, your own vision and support those we support.

Help e-Nable Greece to fulfill our vision: no one should face social exclusion, either because of their physical disability or because of lack of knowledge, resources and opportunities.

Talk to your friends and colleagues about our actions. Become a donor, by providing any resource you want (materials, equipment, know how knowledge, funding). We connect every donation with particular actions. We measure the social impact of our actions so as to know the change occurred because of your contribution.

Actions and Projects

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Discover our actions and news.


Projects in Greece

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National Projects

European projects

Discover European projects we are involved in.

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Our News

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