Who is a “Maker”?

If you own a 3d printer, or you have access to one and you want to offer your time and skills to the e-Nable community, then you are a potential maker!

You can do a significant difference in one person life and at the same time you contribute to the community, which needs as many people as possible.



Complete the contact form and declare that you wish to become a maker.


Print and assembly a hand. It is recommended to start with a Phoenix Hand, which is simpler than others.


Contact with us via email ([email protected]) and send us at least (6) high quality photos of the hand you have built and a short video that approves its reliable function.

Why I have to be certified?

Mainly we are making devices for children and this is the reason why we set as a priority to achieve a high level of comfort and safety. So we need to check the quality of printing and the functionality of the device of a new maker.

Meanwhile a maker, who tries this for the first time, needs a feedback and assessment about the quality of his work. So with the certification the maker will be sure that he/she has done a good job that meets the requirements of the project. And is important that this procedure will take place without the stress of delivering a hand to a real recipient that would make you anxious and less effective.

Details for the construction of a device you will find at the page “Creation”.

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