Social Dynamo Award

Social Dynamo Award 150 150 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

We are pleased to announce our award from the Social Dynamo of the Bodossakis Foundation as one of the teams that has made significant progress in the six months of hosting the program. The award will also provide us with the support we need for our further action.

Special thanks to our mentor Mrs. Irini Andrioti from Compass Services, who guided us step by step throughout our course and who helped us to make such a significant progress.

Social Dynamo actions

Social Dynamo actions 150 150 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

Social entrepreneurship is a field in which we have participated, with the creation of e-Nable Greece but for which we had no knowledge of how to act, organize and communicate our goals. In the context of self-improvement, we looked for professionals in the field who could guide us in this endeavor. Thus, we met the action of the Social Dynamo of the Bodossakis Foundation. We applied for participation in the program and were accepted for one semester between the end of 2019 and 2020.

Our participation in the program provided us with training on issues such as resource finding techniques, communication and marketing, human resource management, leadership and management issues, financial management and legal issues. In addition, we were given the opportunity to meet other teams like us and thus expand our network and exchange good practices in the hosting space of Social Dynamo.

Within the benefits of the program we received individual sessions with coaches for our personal improvement and individual meetings with accountants and lawyers to resolve burning issues that concerned us about the proper organization of our team. Finally, we were appointed to a personal mentor. Ms. Irini Andrioti from Compass Services, who guided us step by step and with great patience and insight on the points that needed improvement and with areas that we had not taken into account when creating our original organizational structure. As a result of this collaboration, we received the Social Dynamo Award, which was given to us as a reward for our evolutionary course so far, as well as a driving force for our further actions.

We in turn have partnered with other teams in the field such as Cyberno and MyArtist and jointly submitted proposals for programs, while we also offered in the days of quarantine a Webinar through the Social Dynamo platform on the concept of 3D technology Printing and ways to apply it in everyday life.

Our excellent cooperation with the team of Social Dynamo will continue for another six months and we feel the need to thank them very much for the trust they have shown in our team and in our vision.

Partnership with the Municipality of Athens

Partnership with the Municipality of Athens 150 150 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

Since the summer of 2019, we are members of the Coordination Center for Migrants and Refugees (ACCMR), created on the initiative of the Municipality of Athens. The aim of this action was to create a central coordinating body, which with its actions will contribute to the formation of a strategic plan not only to improve the provision of services to immigrants and refugees, but also to integrate them into city life while maintaining social cohesion.

Our participation is about helping people with disabilities who are in the immigrant population and especially offering 3D Printed prosthetic hands to people who have lost part of their hands due to the war or were born without them.We also offer educational material, trainings and auxiliary devices in order to facilitate the learning and daily life of people with disabilities.

The Center was established in June 2017 with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation as a founding donor in the framework of the “Coordination Center and Observatory for Immigrants and Refugees” program and with the support of the Athens Partnership. The Center operates within the Department of Support and Social Integration of Immigrants and Refugees of the Directorate of Social Solidarity of the Municipality of Athens.

In addition, we participate in the SynAthena team, which is a common meeting place, facilitating and utilizing the groups of citizens who carry out actions to improve the quality of life in the city. Through the coordination of the human capital of the civic groups, the Municipality of Athens listens to the needs of the society and modernizes. By strengthening the actions of the citizens, the municipality forms a new perception of the relationship of the civil society with the local self-government and cultivates a two-way and dynamic relationship between them. SynAthena is an initiative of the Municipality of Athens. It was created in July 2013 and is now part of the Deputy Mayor for Civil Society and Innovation.

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