Our Vision

..No one should face social exclusion, either because of their physical disability or because of lack of knowledge, resources and opportunities.


Our Mission

The utilization of New Technologies such as 3D Printing & Mechatronics for the design, production and development of assistive devices as well as the education of others in order to act as multipliers and
promote the role of the active citizen.

The Values we serve






Capacity building

E-Nable Greece is a support group that believes that our limitations can reveal our uniqueness. E-Nable Greece is inspired, supported and collaborate with the global eNable community, but moreover extends its interest and actions to other beneficiaries.

What do we do and why it is important?

We build devices for people with disabilities that increase their accessibility and social inclusion, while empowering the active citizen through education.

Buying a medically approved prosthetic hand which is quite expensive and expected to be outgrown is not a choice for the families.

That is why we use 3D printing technology and our designing skills, so we can build and assembly prosthetic hands. These hands are build at a lower cost and we can give them for free to any individual in need.

These devices can adapt to anyone that has a functional wrist that can bend at least 30 degrees in either direction as well as most or all of their palm or functional elbow that can bend easily and who have partial to most of their forearm.

If the recipient is a child e–Nable Greece is taking the responsibility to replace the device after 12-18 months, depending on the kids growth.

Other assistive or training devices for unique people!

Apart from people with disabilities in the upper limbs, we design and 3D Print, assistive or educational devices for other groups (eg people with visual impairment), adapted to the needs of the individual.

All the costs for printing and assembling the devices are covered by the makers.

Our mission is to bring together the recipient and a certified maker, so a hand properly measured and well made is delivered to him.

On our webpage you can find all the necessary information regarding receiving a hand or becoming a maker and our contact form which you need to fill so we can contact you in a more direct way.
As the number of the applications is growing by the day, your support is valuable.

Through your support we can provide to our makers the essential materials they need to build hands and so we can deliver more free devices every year.

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