Education is the second pillar of our mission and one of our fundamental values.

That’s the reason why we train our volunteers and members to take an active role and help our beneficiaries to highlight their uniqueness.

The e-learning platform of e-Nable Greece is designed with the well known Learning Management System “Moodle”, which is widely used for various training models. The seminars on the platform follow the model of blended learning, which means that they are supported by webinars, lifelong learning and workshops. The e-learning platform was funded by the Bodosakis Foundation, as an action of the Social Dynamo award received by eNable Greece during the 5th Round of the Social Dynamo program.

Organizational strategy of e-Nable Greece

Every new member or volunteer of the organization is important to know the strategy of the organization and to share common values and goals. This seminar aims to introduce you to the strategy of e-Nable Greece in order to expand your personal and professional vision.

3D Printing I

This is an introductory course on 3D printing technology. You will learn about the history of 3D printing, its applications focusing on applications for vulnerable groups, basic 3D printing technologies and materials, basic design programs and software for layering (slicers).

Maker Certification

This seminar is attended by all those who wish to be certified as makers – creators for upper limbs assistive devices. In addition to the knowledge of 3D printing (which you may already have), here you will learn how to choose the right device for each recipient, make correct measurements of the upper limb of the recipient, configure the dimensions of the device you choose and finally assemble and build the device.

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