The founders

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George D. Antonakos

Mechanical Engineer MSc

Juli Tsoni

Teacher of electronics engineering

Thanos Mitzifiris

Mechanical engineer

Other Members

Katerina Kaltsouni


Savvas Oikonomidis

3D Printing trainer.

Xenia Sarantaena – Papantoni

3D Designer

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George D. Antonakos

Mechanical Engineer MSc, PhD Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering Section, School of Mechanical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. Long teaching experience in secondary and higher education. Scientific Publishments at international sience magazines and participation in international conferences.

His aim is the investigation of applications based on new technologies and accessible by everyone without any limitations.

Juli Tsoni

I am a teacher in the fields of electronics engineering with Msc in “Programming embedded computer systems”. I have been teaching in vocational schools around Greece since 2001 and I have participated in five training European programs (Erasmus+ and SALTO Youth).

I am interested in the pedagogical methods that help implement technology in the learning process. The past few years I’m dealing with the ways to manage intercultural conflict in multicultural environments.

Thanos Mitzifiris

Mechanical engineer with M.Ed. in “Teaching Methodologies using ICT”. He has 17 years of teaching experience in Secondary Vocational Education and over 12 years of professional experience in 2D/3D CAD design and design/calculations of Mechanical infrastructures. Participation in many European programs Comenius & Erasmus+ for school and VET education, as a coordinator and project manager.

He gets excited by new technologies and innovative ideas and he is an enthusiastic supporter of Mechatronics.

His professional vision is the connection of existence knowledge with innovative technologies in order to improve the life quality of citizens.

Katerina Kaltsouni, Psychologist.

Holding a Master of Science in Clinical Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neurosciences. Professional experience in Special Education and Counselling (psychological support, stress management etc) for adolescents and adults.

Savvas Oikonomidis, 3D Printing traine

Teacher at Vocational Lycuem of Thiva. He has a 15 year of work experience as a teacher at VET schools and 3 years of work experience as an engineer at construction sector. His main interest lies in electronics and 3D Printing. He currently completes his MSc in “Design and Manufacturing of Sports Vehicle Systems” of NKUA.

Xenia Sarantaena – Papantoni, Industrial Design

Engineering student, at University of the Aegean&TU Delft. Major in Service Design and 3d Modeling.

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