Assemble a Phoenix Hand.

Wrist Powered Device

  1. The designs files of a Phoenix Hand are here.
  2. After you print all the parts arrange them in the following order:
  3. Thermoform your gauntlet.
  4. Assemble the hand as shown in these various videos, Video 1Video 2. Choose your favorite and start the assembly.

Check Points

  1. In order to create a surface capable of grapping any object forcing the appropriate friction, cover the fingers’ edges and the palm with PlastiDip (this is not required for the certification device)
  2. Check that the dental bands have been placed correctly and are well secured in the sockets.
  3. Check the printing quality for holes, wild surface and parts that can easily break. Remember to print with infill 35% and three external perimeters.
  4. For the fingers tensioners (not thumb), the thread should easily slips without any obstacles in its movement. The thread should be one nylon string, non elastic, non fabric, with a diameter of 0.4 ~0.6 mm, depending on the hand size.
  5. The central tensioner should be well placed to the “gauntlet” and its pins should be tightened up to the middle, in order to have the ability for further tension by tightening the screw. Beware to place the pin in such a way that the hole will not face you but is sideways.
  6. The velcro straps and the foam paper are not required for the certification hand. The foam paper is placed to the “gauntlet” and the internal upper arc of the palm.
  7. Loosen the hand and place the palm in horizontal level. The “gauntlet” should form a 30 ° angle with the horizontal level. ​


If you need help with the dimensions of the printed devices, the assembly, the printer settings etc, you could send your questions to our contact form, connect to the Greek e-Nable community or to the Greek makers group. In addition you can connect with the international e-Nable community at the Forums  and  Google +community.

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