Our Mentors
E-Nable France

e-Nable France created a dream for us and then made sure that it will come true. They are the strength and the inspiration behind this movement. They are the ones that introduce us the global e-Nable community, the ones that help us build our first device, the ones that donated our first printer and filaments to make all this possible and they gave us all the needed directions to build our Greek e-Nable chapter. They have our forever gratitude and our admiration about their offer to the community. Forever thankful.

Our first donation

Dr. Ingrid Gedikoglou, physiotherapist and doctor of osteopathi, donated the first hand to our community. For that and for beleiving in us from the start we deeply thank her. You can find Dr. Gedikoglou at Physio Point

Our logo

The Greek version of the global e-Nable logo created by Eugenia Georgiou, graphic artist and valuable friend. We thank her from the deepest of our heart.

Our webpage

Great support we have received from  Greatives  that is an experienced company in webpage making. They took the responsibility, they put the designing efforts and they cover the overall cost, in order for us to obtain a domain name, a well designed webpage and an email account. A big volume of workload was offered to us freely and for that we are grateful.


We are deeply grateful for this sponsorship from the ARTEMIS firm. The company offers integrated technical solutions to serve telecom networks, focusing in infrastructure, telecom implementation and professional services delivery.