Delivering a device to Mahdi

Delivering a device to Mahdi 1920 2744 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

Mahdi is a 14 year old refugee from Syria that we have met in Elaionas camp in Athens, Greece. He was born without his 4 fingers of his left hand keeping and with his thumb fully grown. So we created for him a thumbless Phoenix Hand using his favorite colors. The device’s maker is Thanasis Mitzifiris and he delivered the device to the recipient on Saturday 01/12/2018. We wish this device can make a difference in Mahdis’ life . It certainly changed ours.

Delivering a device to Fadi

Delivering a device to Fadi 1920 3120 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

Fadi was injured during the war in Syria and lost his right arm cause of a bomb attack. Fadi’s case was a difficult one since there was not enough arm part and bone left to create a fully functional hand for him. We reached out to the community and the news was not as encouraging as we hoped for. We communicated with Fadi and informed him about the situation and the possibility of a failure. He insisted on trying so we did deliver to him a kwawu Socket Hand in skin tone. The hand cannot fully function since Fadi does not have enough arm to support the device but it offers some kind of functionality and serves to aesthetic reasons. Our next goal is to incorporate muscle sensors and turn this hand into an electronic one. The device’s maker is Julie Tsoni and she delivered the device to the recipient on Friday 07/12/2018.

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