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The ReadyTeddyGo Project is an Erasmus+ KA2 funded program that aims the SEN educators to make use of hi-tech devices supporting the developmental progress within SEN students in the classroom environment. Thanks to a mobile app-based TEDDY Avatar equipped with voice interactions/ moves on the screen and the teddy-like image, SEN learners will be more willing to acquire and develop basic skills or competences. As a result, they will learn how to interact with one another, overcome some obstacles and solve problems.

The main target groups of the project are:

  • Special needs educators/teachers
  • Parents of children with intellectual disabilities.
  • Other professionals – practitioners – volunteers taking care of mentally challenged young people.
  • Representatives of  NGOs or special needs education centres.

Project Partners

  • Fundacja Instytut Re-Integracji Spolecznej IRIS
  • Fondazione Istituto dei Sordi di Torino ONLUS
  • A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd
  • Associacio Programes Educatius Open Europe
  • Sutrikusio intelekto zmoniu globos bendrija “Vilniaus Viltis”
  • e-Nable Greece

The project No is: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000027809

Find out more about the program in our webpage : https://readyteddygo.eu/en

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