Prevent Teacher Burnout

Course Summary

The workshop is addressed to teachers who would like to acquire a theoretical background on burnout syndrome,  to be able to assess the stressors that affect their working environment, thus creating a supportive system for themselves and for their students.

The course is intended for teachers of any educational background, regardless their expertise. Training will provide information regarding identification of risk factors assosiated with Burnout Syndrome, consequences, differential diagnosis and potential treatment. Moreover, trainees will participate in experiential activities centered on work objectives, boundaries and stress management. Will learn how to demonstrate and practice a relaxation technique to cope with stress and protect health.

Target Group

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, careers officers, educational counselors and any other professional interested in education, learning and volunteering.


Course in Athens


– Identify their needs, emotions and how to respond with empathy.

– Understand their body and how to manage with work related stressors.

– Plan a more effective educational approach which can improve the well-being of the students and thus themselves.

–  Acquire skills and learn techniques in order to deal with everyone involved in the school system.

– Learn effective coping strategies.

– Improve their expertise on the subject.

– Increase awareness on the subject.


Project Based LEARNING: The number of participants involved should be between 10-12 people. The course will include initially a theoretical training pointing out the significance of dealing with the syndrome. Participants then will work in groups, which require active participation, valuable in the learning process and educational experience.

Demonstration & Learning by doing: The term of Burnout Syndrome will be explained thoroughly helping the trainees to understand the practical approach on the subject and participate effectively in the experiential activities.

Formative assessment: After the experiential exercises trainees will be able to create a list of effective coping strategies which will be discussed at the closure as long with the complement of a questionaire.

Course Fees:

400 euros for a 5-day course: includes registration and course fees, course educational material, administration and organizational fees, Athens center guided tour, Certificate of Attendance and Europass certification (upon request).


09.05.2022 – 13.05.2022  Register before 18.03.2022

21.11.2022 – 25.11.2022  Register before 30.09.2022

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Trainees will receive a questionnaire, which will provide information on their teaching subject, teaching background, qualifications and the expected outcomes of this course.

Follow up

Trainees will be supported by the e-Nable Greece Erasmus+ trainees Facebook Group. The administrators of the Group will give instant feedback to any trainees’ question or problem.

In addition, trainees will be provided with the educational material of the course in copies and in digital files. This material may be used by the trainees for presentation to their own organizations in order to generate interest in the tecniques to deal with burnout syndrome in the classroom.

Learning outcomes

-Self-assesment/revaluation of working goals and demands

– Development of resilience and increased productivity

– Strengthened professional skills and performance

– Improved communication skills such as active listening, empathy during the learning process

– Adaptation of new coping strategies and mechanisms

– Developed self-confidence and assertiveness /relate working environment with positive feelings and creativity

– Improvement of language skills

– Promotion of new obtained skills to colleagues/help the school community overall

– Encouragement of educators/teachers to maintain in the field

– Personal development

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