This page is dedicated to teachers and trainers
    who want to develop their professional skills by participating to up-to date interactive courses in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

    As many of our members are teachers, educators etc, the training part of our organization is very important for us. Our aim is to share our knowledge and technology of 3D Printing, ICT tools, Enlish language etc to all of our European colleagues. Furtjhermore, we want to inform our trainees about the e-Nable actions worldwide, in Europe and in Greece. To achieve this aim, we create structured Erasmus+ courses and workshops, which each of them cover different section of our framework. Anyone wants to participate in these seminars from Greece or Europe is welcome to do it. The seminars are always customized, depending the professional background and needs of the trainees.

    Our Courses

    3D Printing – Fostering creativity to your students

    This course is intended for any teacher/educator desiring to use the technology of 3d printing in the classroom, especially for those educators wishing to learn how to effectively use 3d printing projects to increase or develop the creativity of their students.

    ICT tools in the classroom for reducing Early School Leaving

    This course is intended for any teacher/educator desiring to use a variety of digital tools to improve the learning process and especially to help students be more confident and active in the classroom. In this way teachers will have one additional tool to reduce early school leaving at their organizations. Moreover, the course intends to improve the professional skills of participants and facilitate the learning process.

    English course for all teachers: overcoming language barriers in multicultural classrooms

    This course is intended for any teacher/educator who is working in multi-lingual environments and desires to deals with linguistic diversity not as a problem but as a valuable and interesting pedagogical resource.

    Prevent Teacher Burnout

    The workshop is addressed to teachers who would like to acquire a theoretical background on burnout syndrome, to be able to assess the stressors that affect their working environment, thus creating a supportive system for themselves and for their students.

    STEM: redefining teaching in the classroom

    STEM course

    The STEM acronym stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and STEM education is a course for students to explore science, technology, engineering and math all in one curriculum. This course is intended to integrate the STEM fields through project-based learning.

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