Green Horizons: Empowering Educators in Sustainable 3D Printing and STEM Design

Course Summary

This transformative course is intended for any teacher/educator desiring to empowers his/her knowledge in sustainable design and innovation, with a special focus on harnessing the potential of cutting-edge 3D printing technology. Here, you’ll embark on a journey into the world of eco-friendly practices, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to make a lasting impact in education and beyond.

This course is tailored for educators, school staff, and professionals committed to integrating sustainability, innovation, and 3D printing into their teaching practices. Whether you’re new to these concepts or seeking to deepen your knowledge, “Green Horizons” offers a hands-on learning experience. Upon successful completion, receive a certification that validates your expertise and join a vibrant community of educators dedicated to shaping a greener, more sustainable future through innovative education. Enroll today and become a catalyst for positive change in education and beyond

Target Group

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, careers officers, educational counselors and other professional interested in education, learning and computer science.


Course in Athens


  • Enhance Educator Competence: Equip educators with the knowledge and skills required to effectively integrate sustainable design principles and 3D printing technology into their teaching practices.
  • Promote Sustainability: Foster a deep understanding of sustainability among educators, encouraging them to become advocates for environmentally conscious practices in education and beyond.
  • Explore Innovative Teaching: Encourage educators to explore innovative teaching methods, project-based learning, and the use of 3D printing tools for engaging students in sustainable design projects.
  • Bridge Theory and Practice: Bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application by involving educators in hands-on projects that address real-world environmental challenges.
  • Facilitate Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among educators from diverse backgrounds, promoting knowledge exchange and networking within the education community.
  • Inspire the Next Generation: Empower educators to inspire their students to become environmentally conscious and socially responsible citizens who actively contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Promote Lifelong Learning: Instill a culture of lifelong learning among educators, encouraging them to stay updated on emerging sustainability and technology trends in education.


1. Lectures and Presentations: Participants engage in interactive lectures and presentations delivered by subject-matter experts in sustainable design, 3D printing, and education.

2. Hands-on Workshops: Practical workshops are a central component of the course, allowing participants to delve into 3D printing technology, sustainable design principles, and the creation of compelling e-portfolios.

3. Group Projects: Collaboration with fellow educators on real-world projects is a key feature. These projects apply sustainable design and 3D printing principles to address authentic environmental challenges.

4. Guided Tours: Participants gain inspiration from guided tours to historical and eco-friendly sites, providing tangible context for sustainable design concepts. These tours enrich the learning experience and demonstrate real-world applications.

5. Guest Speakers: Expert guest speakers share their insights and experiences, offering diverse perspectives on sustainability and education.

6. Discussion and Reflection: Group discussions and reflective sessions are integral to the learning process.

7. Digital Learning: Leveraging digital tools and online resources, participants access course materials, collaborate with peers, and engage in discussions outside scheduled sessions, promoting continuous learning.

Course Fees:

560 euros for a 7-day course: includes registration and course fees, course educational material, administration and organizational fees, Athens center guided tour, Certificate of Attendance and Euro pass certification (upon request).

There is also the ability to adapt this course for a 5-day period of time


10.12.2023 – 16.12.2023   Register before 10.11.2023
 25.02.2024 – 02.03.2024 Register before 02.02.2024
 17.03.2024 – 23.03.2024 Register before 17.02.2024
16.06.2024 – 22.06.2024 Register before 16.05.2024
 20.10.2024 –  26.10.2024 Register before 20.09.2024
 15.12.2024 – 21.12.2024 Register before 15.11.2024
 16.03.2025 – 22.03.2025 Register before 16.02.2025

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Trainees will receive a questionnaire, which will provide information on their teaching subject, teaching background, qualifications, and any previous experience with 3d printing.

Follow up

Trainees will be supported by the e-Nable Greece Erasmus+ trainees Facebook Group. The group is full of instructions, photos and videos of how to use/set a 3d printer and design/print educational materials. Through this group e-Nable Greece commits itself to monitor the efforts of course trainees using these tools in their classrooms.The administrators of the Group will give instant feedback to any trainees’ question or problem.

In addition, trainees will be provided the educational material of the course in copies and in digital files. This material may be used by the trainees for presentation to their own organizations in order to generate the interest of their colleagues.

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