Erasmus & Actions

The European Community through the Erasmus+ activities, is trying to union different Nations, cultures, religions and civilazations of Europe, through the education of new topics and projects, which finaly contribute significant to the evolution of the market and the integration of new technologies in everyday life of European citizens.

Through an Erasmus project, we came in contact with the e-Nable community (in particular with e-Nable France), and decided to build our community here in Greece. The project we were participating in is  a KA2 action called ” We are the makers ” and the Greek partner  EDUMOTIVA  sent us there to receive an education in 3D printing.Our participation in many other Erasmus+ project so far, has as a result to develop and improve management and consulting skills, improve our professional training as teachers and to be trained in new technologies.

As many of our members are teachers, educators etc, the training part of our organization is very important for us. Our aim is to share our knowledge and technology of 3D Printing and inform our trainees about the e-Nable actions worldwide, in Europe and in Greece. To achieve this aim, we create structured seminars and workshops, which each of them cover different section of our framework. In this seminars, anyone wants to participate in these seminars from Greece or Europe is welcome to do it. The seminars are always customized, depending the professional background and needs of the trainees.

In particular we offer three main courses:

  1. 3D Printing – Fostering Creativity to your Students
  2. Digital Tools in the Classroom for Reducing Early School Leaving
  3. English Course for all Teachers: overcoming language barriers in multicultural classrooms

In conclusion, the technology never stops to change and evolve. As an organization with strong educational profile, we know that life long learning is a necessary characteristic for any professional. For this reason we intend to participate as trainees in several European activities and programs in order to use new knowledge, skills and technologies to improve the work of e-Nable Greece.

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