European Solidarity Project:Sustainable Accessible playgrounds

European Solidarity Project:Sustainable Accessible playgrounds

European Solidarity Project:Sustainable Accessible playgrounds 150 150 Enabling Website e-Νable Greece

e-Nable Greece designed a project that aims to support people especially children with visual impairments on issues related to their daily live and their integration into society and to develop ties with their peers in the neighborhood where they grow up and play. Approved by the Greek Youth and Lifelong Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM) and is financed by the European Solidarity Corps-ESC.

Objectives of the program

In summary, the proposed plan sets the following objectives:  

• the professional and social empowerment of young people, with the acquisition of new technical, emotional and behavioral skills  

• the formation of a culture of social contribution and active citizenship for the group of young people  

• the design and construction of at least 5 tactile maps and 5 aids for people with visual impairment that will be placed in at least 5 playgrounds  

• the integration of the aforementioned aids in the educational process of Protoporia NGO

In this program, the main target group is people with total or partial blindness, especially primary school children who attend special schools and of course visit playgrounds with their escorts. The collaboration between e-Nable Greece and Protoporia will lead to the creation of a pilot program for the modification and enhancement of the country’s playgrounds so that they are accessible for people with visual disabilities. The aim is not to build special playgrounds, but to enable existing ones to accept children with visual impairments. We want children to be able to participate equally in games and in the company of their peers. In this way, all children will indulge in the subject, will become familiar with coexistence with children with visual impairment and will operate in such a way that everyone can follow the pace of play. 

The young people who will take part in the program will take part in the idea of volunteerism and social contribution in the places where they live. They will contact the local people with greater immediacy as they are members of the local community. They will reach out to local municipal services, local newspapers, radio, and social media. They will seek out other young people to disseminate the spirit and results of the program to continuously disseminate the results. This involves introducing the program to two municipalities. Also, at least once every 15 days or once a month there should be a publication in a local newspaper or magazine. In addition, in consultation with the local offices of primary and secondary education, 2 events-presentations should take place in the schools of the participating areas. In them, the aims and actions of the European Solidarity Corps will be presented. The program with its processes and results, the impact of this will present on new participants and beneficiaries

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